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Monthly Retainer with Bells and Whistles

Available Online

Your 4 Weeks to get your Winning Streak!

  • 1 hour
  • CALL ME TODAY! (805) 888-9526

Service Description

Now you can book me on a monthly basis by retainer! That’s right, You get access to ME! All month long! Together we establish your goals and we set out to achieve them. Includes: - Two BQH Sessions (Additional Sessions can be purchased individually), - Weekly Development Plan - Two (1-hour) Consult/Guidance Calls (Business consulting or Psychically Advised) - Four (30-minute) update calls Here's how it works: For a monthly retainer, we establish your objective and establish a vibrational rhythm that welcomes your manifestation. Upon intake, I craft your entire plan. Starting with a Consult Call or BQH, these sessions will divulge any areas of concern, and the manner in which your nature will be receptive to engage in the changes that follow. After your initial BQH session, the remainder of that week and the week that follows will consist of your weekly development plan (WDP), which includes two 30-minute progress report check-in calls, per week (totaling 4 calls). It is your responsibility during this time to actively participate in the activities and exercises prescribed for which they are crafted for your wellness and self-improvement, in addition to developing your objective. Following the second week, another BQH session is conducted and we repeat the cycle, with added insights and applicable information pertaining to your personal ascension. Motivation, Inspiration, Affirmation, Confirmation. Do you need daily life coaching Looking to enhance your life spiritually? Do you just need someone experienced and professional to speak with? Just need an insightful friend to talk to? My service is uniquely tailored for you! FAQ's What is included in a WDP? -You will be given Alignment Meditative-Manifestation Exercises (AMME), -Writing Prompts, Reflections, Business Development Plan(BDP), or Love Development Plan (LDP). -Daily Reminder texts from ME - That's 30 DAYS of inspirational and motivating texts to remind you of your greatness! How do the consulting calls work? After intake, we designate the order of your treatment plan. The consulting calls are based on your need, either before or after your BQH Session (your choice). Calls are for guidance, coaching, psychic counseling, or business consulting.

Cancelation Policy

I must confirm your session, otherwise it is not guaranteed.

Contact Details

+ (805)888-9526


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