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BQH Hypnotherapy and Mental Health Coaching

Galactic Gaian

 I am grateful TO HELP YOU

with my services.

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  • BQH to find your purpose, and contact your higher selves.

    252 US dollars
  • Your Content, Your Success!

    200 US dollars
  • Birthday Message for you!

    210 US dollars
  • Corporate Training

    450 US dollars
  • Get married online or in person!

    450 US dollars
  • 15 Minute session

    66 US dollars
  • 30 Minute Session

    99 US dollars
  • Hour of Power!

    210 US dollars
  • Talk to departed ones

    333 US dollars
  • The perfect touch of Psychic Magic for your celebration!

    2,100 US dollars

New YOUth | | Specializing in BQH Hypnotherapy,

Intuitive Guidance Counseling, Life Coaching, Mental Health & Wellness,

Social Media Marketing and Content Creator for all your business and social media needs. 

Serving you remotely online, and the California Central Coast.

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