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My website is created as a gateway and all access path to me, Eric Kehela. But what do I do? Who am I? What experience do I have?

First let my introduce myself, Hi. My name is Eric Kehela. I am multilingual, academically accredited, I worked for Fortune 500 businesses, helped entrepreneurs launch their businesses, built websites for businesses and personal individuals with blogs and social media content.

Additionally, I am naturally endowed with the ability to effectively communicate, coach, counsel and assist you, also available via services


As a lifestyle (T.I.E.)  Tastemaker, Influencer, Enhancer, I post videos on my youtube channel weekly, post content on my instagram and also work hard at getting more active on my blog, which you can learn about my lifestyle and the products I use to enhance my daily living, in addition to daily living anecdotes and experiences.. 

My purpose is to make an impact by improving my community, my life, my mental health and pursuing my dreams and passions.

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Now offering coaching sessions, consultations, and daily affirmations. 

From career to personal life, I can help you be your best. All day. Everyday. 

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Celebrities, athletes, and high profile-clientele book my services regularly, and now you can too! Invest in your life path and get the answers you need!


What Qualifies Me?

Life Skills,

 Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communications from SFSU class of 2006, whilst currently continuing my education by interning for my MS in Professional Counseling through

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Did you know Social Media is where all the magic happens? Are you on Social Media? Do you use it for business or entertainment?

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I am more than a Pentuplet promise: 

I write, drag, sing, dance, act, possess a multilingual fluency and I'm a genuine-professional pleasure to work with! 


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New YOUth | | Specializing in Graphic Designing for all your social media needs. 

Serving you online and the California Central Coast. SLO, Pismo Beach and 5 Cities.

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