BQH Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Galactic Gaian

Do you have questions about your life path? questioning your purpose on this planet?

Are you curious about your past lives?

Interested in what your subconscious has to say? 

Are you in search of a coach to guide and direct you?

Greetings and Salutations Dear One, 

If you’re here on my page,

it’s because you were divinely guided to me so that I help you

with my BQH Hypnotherapy and Coaching services.



BQH Hypnotherapy

Personal Coaching: Life Coach & Mental Health 

Couple's Coaching (Relationship Help)

Intuitive Guidance 

Social media marketing and content creation guidance.


My name is Eric Kehela, hence the website lol!

Though I go by Airick. 

I am  multilingual,

academically accredited,

BQH Certified,
Professionally hired by

 “Fortune 500” companies, 

entrepreneurs and businesses

  for  my professional services.



B.A. Speech Communications.

Emphasis: Performance Studies (SFSU)

M.S. Mental Health and Wellness (

BQH Certified

(Candace Craw-Goldman, Creator of BQH )



Join me on social media daily for the latest insights, forecasts and lighthearted shenanigans.

Live Broadcasts, Podcasts and Youtube Videos Coming Soon!


New YOUth | | Specializing in BQH Hypnotherapy,

Intuitive Guidance Counseling, Life Coaching, Mental Health & Wellness,

Social Media Marketing and Content Creator for all your business and social media needs. 

Serving you remotely online, and the California Central Coast.