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Passionate About Inspiring Others




“Shine bright like the beacon you are.

Reach for the galaxies, 

Shoot beyond the stars, and always aim with your heart.”  

 ~ Airick Kehela

I'm Airick Kehela. For those of you who don't know me, I am an Academically accredited professional and creator.

My mission is to inspire, nurture and enhance the human spirit of each person I encounter. 


Skilled in professional influencing, content creation and corporate intuitive consulting. is my platform to reach YOU! Yes, you reading this! If you are an Artist, Brand, Corporation or Influential Company in need of a Mental Health and Wellness Professional with a background in psychology and performance studies, I am your guy!

Previously my services were provided in online forums, metaphysical boutiques, and bookshops. Now I am available for you directly for BQH, consulting, reviewing and more! 

From Tarot Card consultations to proofreading your editorial copy or academic essays, I can do it all.

My experience as a creator ranges from personally batching and creating digital content,

from preproduction to post-production. 

 What else can I do ?

Edit your Youtube videos

Photoshop your images

Build your website


 I honestly can do it all and if challenged, I know someone who can! 

My platform is created to enhance your style of living!


     Since 2002, I have been working with high-profile celebrities and members of the elite from all backgrounds and industries.

I grew and networked whilst pursuing my undergraduate degree at the time, as I also contributed to growing businesses, private brands and labels. Having said that I am your Sanctuary, by which I refer to myself as a safe-zone for you,

regardless of identity, status, ideology, background, star-system or place of origin. 


As a writer, I began reviewing and influencing a decade ago (before we even knew this terminology) when I re-discovered Canadian Singer-Songwriter and Actress, Alexz Johnson on Instant Star. Following Alexz on social media and on television opened up a platform for me to lend my voice to, whilst also relishing in my passion: Music. Ergo, through networking, I launched my first-ever review!

I provided the iTunes link for the album I reviewed --> "Voodoo" and you can click --> "Voodoo" to read the review.

Following my first online introduction, I dabbled in online forums, became an LGBTQ writer for, and upon moving to Denver, Colorado, I eventually worked up the courage to reach out to my LGBTQ community and applied for an online freelance-writer position. Within a week, my education and patience granted me an advice column tailored for me, "Ask Eric Anything" on Colorado's number one LGBTQ blog, Mile High Gay Guy, which ultimately paved the way for my writer's confidence to blossom, coupled with a genuine passion for inspiring myself and others! Being immersed in spirituality and holistic living through my travels, life-experiences, academic education, industry employment, and insights have prepared and trained me to be of service authentically and genuinely.


I would love to lend myself to your brand and projects!

Write to me in the Contact Me section.


Need advice? Write to me.

Your questions will be featured in "Ask Eric Anything" and on my blog!

Need a professional consultation? Book a session with me!

I am a jack of all trades and a master of love!

Yes, I can Influence your brand in communities and on social media! Contact me, I'd love to collaborate!



  • Fluently Multilingual -  ASL and Spanish

  • BQH Certified School of Candace Craw-Goldman

  • Ordained Officiate - Universal Life Church

  • BA in Speech Communications - SFSU.  Focus: Performance Studies, Holistic Health and Eastern Medicine.

  • MS Professional Counseling 2018 (Unaccredited) -

  • MS Mental Health & Wellness - 2023 Graduated With Honors

  • Member of Alpha Chi Honor Society 2023

  • Co-Founder of Intuitive Journey Psychic Bookshop, Chatsworth, CA.

  • Co-Founder Milagros Theatre Company, San Francisco, CA. 

  • Sanctuary by and launched in 2017.

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