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Nutraceutical Spotlight: A Few Good Puffs with Supportive Naturals.

It's been six days since I tried Supportive Naturals, and I am pleased to report that I have not experienced any chronic or debilitating pain since; though I do have Supportive Naturals to thank for that 😉. Just yesterday my mom expressed she was experiencing minor joint-discomfort in her left hand, and would most graciously appreciate any suggestions for relief. Perhaps the discomfort was attributed to the fluctuations in the seasonal-climate, as she is prone to these minor discomforts ( Park, et al, 2017).

After a few good puffs, the CBD oils from the Vape Pen began working their magick...

Nonetheless, to mother's avail, she tried the disposable CBD Vape Pen I purchased for her, and within 90-seconds her discomfort dissipated. After a few good puffs, the CBD oils from the Vape Pen began working their magick. Ameliorating chronic pain with Supportive Naturals nutraceuticals, I not only became a proactive consumer, I became a brand ambassador for a product I believe in!

Your Pain Will Taper
With Supportive Naturals' Vapor!

Next time you are researching pain-management, remember

Eric Kehela's ABC's of Pain Management: Apply, Breathe, and Create. Apply your healing application of choice, i.e. CBD, Meditation, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, and other practices alike. Breathe. It is very important to focus on your breath during the healing application whilst maintaining balanced energy, as to not disrupt the work of the healing frequency you are vibrating to achieve. Create the reality you wish to live in using mindful visualization, and create a healthy mind, body and spirit. Your body will absorb or otherwise eat whatever you feed it, including thoughts; therefore, re-think your thoughts before you eat them or otherwise speak them into the existence of your personal reality.

Only Top Shelf Quality For Me!


Upon introducing CBD into the body, brain receptors activate a healing response triggering the endocannabinoid physiological control system (EPCS), which impacts and positively influences behavior and cognition (Onaivi, et al., 2006). Quell any desire to partake in the modern-day dance of the pharmaceutical chemical-romance, for the sake of pain relief, and incorporate Supportive Naturals CBD to your healing regimen as an anti-inflammatory supplement and pain suppressor (Di Marzo, et al., 2017). I consider Supportive Naturals to be the latest nutraceutical on the market and a brand I trust. Previously sampling CBD from another retailer, I found the competitor's oil lacked potency and further evidenced similar quality traits to that of medicating with lower-grade cannabis or drinking decaf's pointless! When healing with nutraceuticals, only top shelf quality for me!

I am so pleased I trusted my instincts and tried Supportive Naturals disposable Vape Pen, it's budget friendly and worthy of your attention! Both CBD and THCA have helped temper personal pain related to joint and muscle soreness, in addition to taming the bursts of anxiety I typically experience. My PTSD induced anxiety episodes became more like commercial breaks. Thank you Supportive Naturals for having what it takes!

Supportive Naturals is truly a remarkable company with a great product! Best of all, their CBD oil Vape Pen is disposable, healing, legal, chemical and side-effect-free! Best of all, their customer service is first-class! If you, your dog, cat or someone you know is experiencing, anxiety, anorexia, arthritis, cardiovascular health, cancer, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, muscle soreness, or any type of chronic pain (Turner, 2018), Supportive Naturals has a CBD product for you! Want to learn about my first experience with Supportive Naturals? Click here to read the full article!

Until Next time,

Take care of yourself, love yourself and respect yourself. How you honor yourself is how others will. Lock-in your standards and live accordingly. If it doesn't feel good, don't do it. Listen to your inner voice, I'll be right there next to you, cheering you on! Happy August and Happy Healing!

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Always and Forever,


Eric Kehela.

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