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Rising from the ash...

Namaste and welcome to my blog!

My name is Eric Kehela (Keh-hee-luh).

For those of you meeting me for the first time, consider me your go-to for just about anything, from overall lifestyle wellness to spiritual guidance and oracle insight. As a creative I compose my own music, write my own lyrics, act, produce, direct and edit all my video content, driven by my desire to inspire, motivate and uplift.

While you are reading this, I want to give a moment to thank you for your readership and for your time. As our hearts beat, so do clocks tick, and time is something we cannot get back, which is why I want to wholeheartedly express my gratitude to you for joining my journey and reading this blog. Amidst my rebirth (in real life and on social media), I realized my content was consistently-inconsistent, and I needed to change this self-sabotage and messy image I was portraying. Henceforth, I now readily provide you with 100% me, instead of a quick-written, watered-down, glossed-over version of me or style of expression.

“Bodies in motion stay in motion...
bodies in rest, stay in rest.”

Are you feeling a new change in the energy of the air? Is it also brewing within?

The energy from the July 27th lunar eclipse will lend itself for six-weeks to assist your goals. This post-seasonal midpoint marks a very auspicious time for empowerment and reevaluation of self. Restructure your mental process and retrain your brain; self-nurturing is nourishing, so feed your mind, body and spirit happy thoughts and healthy food. The activation of self-love through self-proclamation is manifest through divine timing and that of the upcoming lunar full moon eclipse in Aquarius.

Enrich and enhance your style of living with gratitude and a happy healthy mindset.

In the path of the ashes and debris from your transformation and resurrection, knowing now what you did not know then, what can you do for the newfound you to soar and achieve greatness? How can you go from YOU version 1.0 to YOU version 10.0?

The marriage of music with mental health and spirituality allowed me to heal my core wounds, while also being a healer and sanctuary to others. The sun, moon, and stars are all aligning to remind you of your greatness! Literally, the planets are aligning, and it is time for you to embrace life and step out of the comfort-zone laden by your cycle of dormancy, and step into creation and motion. My fitness trainer always says, “Bodies in motion stay in motion, and bodies in rest, stay in rest.” Truly this applies to the very foundation that is you. Use the gifts and talents Source has provided you with since birth. Do what you love, do what makes you smile and your heart sing. The cycles of life are continuous reminders that there is no pressure to blossom, for we are always ever-changing and ever-flowing, so just be. You are a byproduct of love, stardust and the essence of all that is good in the world. Shine bright and spread your light. Our higher-self demands we level-up and transmogrify ourselves into the better humans we intend to be, do something your future self will thank you for.

All the recent astrological influences and cosmic upgrades have caused not only an influx in my anxiety, but I have also found myself to be more in-tune with the energies at play, which may or may not be a good thing, depends how you perceive it. To distract myself from the ascension symptoms, I go to the gym, eat healthy, write music and practice meditation. After a good workout and stretching session, I nourish my body and then take a rinse (though in hindsight, I should refuel after showering), and then continue on with my day. Though lately, I don’t know what it is (because even my doctor says I’m fine), but I have been feeling some minor back pain on the lower right side. My spiritual journey has introduced me to a plethora of different Ayurvedic and holistic practices, so I knew there was something out there that will help me, but what could it be? I could feel the pain manifesting from the inside of my lower back, so being the inquisitive Aquarius that I am, I logged into my online graduate school library and did some academic research on back pain remedies, and from click to click, I found articles on cannabidiol or CBD (Turner, 2017). Research further evidenced CBD can help treat humans, dogs and cats experiencing a variety of ailments such as digestive issues, anxiety, seizures, joint and muscle pain (Newswire, 2017). Hmm... all this got me thinking, “If CBD can help treat our canine and feline familiars, I wonder what it can do for me…” I know right?! Common sense is sometimes not as common as you may think. Incorporating CBD into my Chihuahua’s lifestyle to help with his joints and digestive system sounds like a great idea! Though will he like it (Stay tuned for a blog post on the topic of pets and CBD)?

Since I needed immediate relief, I decided to use medical grade cannabis to medicate (I’m a licensed patient), though sometimes it would be nice to not feel the psychoactive effects when focusing on pain relief. Nonetheless, the marijuana started to kick-in and I started thinking about life and pain-management, which made me want to know what else could alleviate if not manage my intolerance for pain. I tried just about anything except indulging in the dance of the pharmaceutical chemical-romance. I just wanted the pain gone. I decided to go on Instagram to get simultaneously distracted from the pain and inspired to create.

I then came across Supportive Naturals. Though I previously tried liquid CBD from another retailer, it was not as potent as I wanted it to be. I have yet to try a CBD oil that works, nor have I ever tried a Vape Pen, and for the price it was worth a try. Within a week I received my pen. It arrived at the perfect time, as I had just finished a workout and was feeling a cramp beginning to develop. I waited for the perfect moment, got cleaned up and filmed the unboxing. Watch it below:

After a few puffs I felt the pain dissipate. Oddly enough it was gone. Was this the miracle I was in search of? Well it definitely facilitated in easing and removing pain and soreness. Additionally, the anxiety episodes I typically experience became more like commercial breaks thanks to Supportive Naturals. After using the CBD oil Vape Pen by Supportive Naturals, it was much easier to stretch and truly target my sore areas without being inhibited by anxiety, pain or the shocks that come with stiff and tense muscles. Supportive Naturals is truly a remarkable company with a great product! Best of all, their CBD oil Vape Pen is disposable, healing, legal, side-effect-free, and their customer service is first-class! If you, your dog, cat or someone you know is experiencing, anxiety, anorexia, arthritis, cardiovascular health, cancer, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, muscle soreness, or any type of chronic pain (Turner, 2018), Supportive Naturals has a CBD product for you!

Despite all the shifts occurring in the cosmos, you and all of us are rising like the phoenix from the ash, so ascend to become the new and improved soul-spark you truly are. I say Soul Spark because a spark fueled by passion and love sets your soul on fire, yet together, we are a roaring blaze, filling the emptiness and darkness with love and light. As above so below, as within as without, for we are all truly connected through the pulse of life and the interconnected web of consciousness. Throughout the year much was lost, though perspective and understanding were gained. This time we must focus on our path and only our path, as only your path will lead you to where you need to be; always at the right place at the right time. Have faith in yourself and practice patience in all you do. Albeit life demands we upgrade the manner in which we live; hence, upgrade to an attitude of gratitude and a gracious reflective perspective. Live the life you always dreamed of. I want you to have it all! I want you to live fully! I want you to smile. I want you to remember to breathe. I want you to find peace in moments of tension. I want you to be, but mostly,

I want you to love you.

I am your keeper. I am your Sanctuary. I am Eric Kehela.

Soul Activity

Ponder this:

Where were you seven years ago?

What were your challenges and what were your strengths? What wisdom would you impart on the you from seven years past?

What relationships have you ended or initiated? Do you see how you've blossomed?

Be grateful for how far you have come from years past to the present moment of now, today.

COMMENT below, as I would love to know how you transformed into the beautiful butterfly you are today!

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